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2 years ago
demon shit going on here
2 years ago
How it feels to chew 5 gum. Stimulate your senses.
Nicole Treviño 2 years ago
She went from a chicken to a duck to a cat like what kinda of bull shit is that
Unknown 2 years ago
My favorite part was when she went like “jduegsgdvdydgdhdjdijeye cmvoeutateveudgdgdgdhdhf dvfgcgdyayqyqrsiemtmepsu
2 years ago
She got fucking tazed tf
2 years ago
She's posessed or sum...
2 years ago
She sounded like a constipated chicken haven a seizure
2 years ago
Wasn’t she in The Exorcist..? Dig the bush tho.
Someone 2 years ago
Woah Buddy 2 years ago
It's looks like a demon possessed her