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Busty babe 5 years ago
I do this all the time, on the sink, kitchen side, arm of chair fuck my pussy is wet
Elle 3 years ago
I loveeee to do this on my chair it hits the best orgasms everytime . Put a pillow over it and go to town . When i fuck my bf i love to (prior to sex) just take the tip of his cock and rub it right on my lips and clit . Feels so freaking good better than sex sometimes
Hot an wet 3 years ago
Do this all the time corners get you off fast if you pump or grind. natural thing to want to get off use what ya got
Dana patten 2 years ago
I use to rub my pussy on the corner of my metal bed frame it felt so good now I rub my pussy on my big stuffed dog it feels amazing wish I had a pussy rubbed against mine
Yum 2 years ago
I’ve humped every piece of furniture in my house. I like to put porn on in the living room as background noise and just pleasure my pussy whenever I please. I hump the arm of the chair in the livingroom when my bf is over and he touches himself.
nakedmonk 5 years ago
Great body. My only wish is that you would ride your exciting open
pussy over my mouth so that I could taste you.
You 3 years ago
Love it 5 years ago
This is so hott. Need more women to do this more openly.
Lili 5 years ago
Shes very good, you can see how intense her pleasure is
Corners feel good 2 years ago
I did this and got caught by my sister and she used my moms dildo on me